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How to Make Oil Lubricant?

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A lubricant, being organic in nature, is a substance used to reduce friction among sliding parts and running machines, heat generation and dispense deposits and cleaning up the engine. Oil lubricant is a specific class of lubricants that are based on base oil, which is extracted through industrial processes from crude oil. These oil-based lubricants are utilized in various industries and almost every kind of engine to sustain them at long and keep their running smooth. Engine oil lubricants are of three types: Mineral, Synthetic, and Semi-Synthetic Oils. These types differ with respect to their formation, base oils, properties, and utilization in various sectors. At first, the Mineral engine oils are made from Crude petroleum oil that is extracted from Earth’s crust and transported to a refinery, where it undergoes several refining processes to remove impurities and separate different products at different temperatures. After this fractional distillation process of refining …